Forbidden Druid Frame

RRP: $5589.95 

It’s time for high pivot suspension technology to make the leap from the downhill race track to your local trail network. With each frame size designed to optimize fit for all sizes and statures, the 130mm travel Druid balances both stability and agility making it nimble enough to hammer out after work rides yet burly enough for weekend shuttles. The Druid’s Trifecta suspension system generates grip and pop in spades while offering an unworldly ability to absorb successive hits on the trail. The more you ask of the Druid, the more it gives and the more you’ll want to push its limits. Available in three colours and in four sizes, it’s time to start piecing that dream build together ready for the trails.


  • Aggressive Trail
  • 130mm rear travel
  • Designed for 140mm / 150mm front
  • 29" or 29" / 27.5" (With Ziggy Link)
  • Includes Fox DPX Performance Elite Shock, E*13 Lower bash and roller, E*13 Idler Guide

If you would like to get your hands on a Forbidden Druid frame, please contact your Local Forbidden Dealer here