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Dread - Fear, Nought - Nothing


Forbidden Dreadnought Australian Importer DanJas Imports

29” or 27.5" / 29" Wheel      154mm rear travel        170mm fork       Full carbon frame

Ready to pedal up the climbs with the Enduro crowd then excel on the descents with a confidence that is normally reserved for downhill bikes, the Dreadnought fears no climb or descent. No more excuses just a bike that's 100% ready to rip.
Australian Forbidden bike Co Importer DanJas Imports Dreadnought
The Dreadnought takes what makes the Druid so popular and amplifies it for riders that crave bigger, rougher, faster terrain and are looking for a bike that will let them push their limits with confidence. The Dreadnought has also exceeded DH strength testing standards in the lab and is rated for dual crown use, perfect for those who want to push things even further.
RRP $5899.95 including RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate + E*Thirteen idler guide and lower bash guard

Forbidden Dreadnaught Australian Importer DanJas Imports


Forbidden Dreadnaught geometry Australian importer


Can it hold my water bottle? The Dreadnaught will hold a full sized water bottle comfortably on the down tube!

Is the chain guide included? An E*Thirteen top guide for the idler and E*Thirteen lower bash guard are included with the frame.

What are the mounts on the top tube? These are accessory mounts. Bolt tools etc here, just not water bottle cages.

Assembly sizes The Dreadnaught takes a 73mm threaded BB, Boost 148mm x 12mm rear wheel and a 205mm x 65mm trunnion shock. 

What is the warranty? Your Dreadnaught comes with a five year warranty for first owners. For full warranty terms and conditions please click here.



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