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Trifecta Linkage

High Pivot

The most distinct part of the Druid. We’ve seen high pivot designs take the World Cup DH scene by storm with DH bikes from Norco, Commencal, GT and more due to their superior ability to handle rough terrain. Yet we haven't seen an effective application of this linkage style in a trail bike, until now. A high pivot point results in a true rearward axle path from start to finish. Unlike other manufacturers who may have a portion of rearward axle path. The Druid’s rearward axle path allows the wheel to move with, not against any size impact. This natural movement of the rear wheel allows riders to carry better momentum through rough terrain. Excelling where other bikes get ‘hung up’ on impacts.

Not only does the High Pivot provide better suspension performance it has distinct benefits to the handling of the bike. The lengthening of the rear centre on big hits actually stabilises the bike. This leaves riders with a poppy bike when desired yet stable and predictable under deeper compression.

Anti-rise is the term used to describe the effect of braking on a bike’s suspension system. The Druid’s anti-rise traits are designed specifically around the demands of modern trail riding styles. Fine-tuned to reduce the inevitable fork dive when under heavy braking. This enables the Druid to maintain its geometry for predictable and consistent handling even under braking.

Rate Control

The powerful core of this finely tuned machine. In utilising small links that see quick changes in velocity Forbidden’s engineers have created a progressive linkage without hindering the bike's ability to absorb impacts. As seen below there is good mid stroke support to handle the fast trail speeds and bigger impacts that modern trail riding has embraced. And when you take that unavoidable big hit sending you into the end-stroke the linkage ramps up accordingly to avoid harsh and uncontrollable bottom outs.

The result for the rider? A predictable suspension system that enables you to find grip where you shouldn’t and effortlessly pop off features. Remaining stable and composed under big hits and high speeds. More so than many other bikes with more suspension travel.

Idler Position

A high single pivot design is not effective without the use of an idler pulley as the chain tension would throw the bikes handling out the window. However, utilise an idler pulley correctly and you can further manipulate how the bikes suspension will handle. Forbidden have offset the pulley from the main pivot point to give riders the perfect balance of anti-squat in the sag position to give riders a comfortable and efficient pedal platform. By using an idler this level of anti squat is achieved with nearly no pedal kickback. The result? A bike with a great pedal platform that remains active when pedalling to give riders traction on those technical climbs.   



One Ride

In order to achieve the best ride for all rider sizes a small frame should fit a small rider the same as an X-large frame fits and X-large rider. So it may come as a surprise that manufacturers use the same rear centre (chain stay) length on all their sizes from small to X-large This leads to vastly different ride characteristics as the rider weights the bike differently etc. It's a performance compromise. 

Forbidden use different length rear centres on all their bikes to ensure that a true balanced fit is achieved by all riders. This balanced fit gives riders consistent stability / agility and better weight distribution through the tyres to enable more grip.

Better Fit

Forbidden’s attention to geometry details continues. The bike draws on modern longer / slacker styles. After experimenting with the extremes of such geometries Forbidden have settled on a well rounded approach. A bike that is slack and long enough to handle steep and fast terrain but doesn’t lose the lively agile feel when things mellow out. A exceptionally capable bike that is still fun and playful to ride.

In recent times we’ve also seen the benefits of steeper seat tube angles. Once again these should be made relevant to rider size and Forbidden have done just this. The seat tube angle on the bike is different on every size. Steepening as the size increases to allow taller riders the best possible seating position when pedalling.

This high standard shows Forbidden's commitment to creating the best bike possible for every rider. Ride a Druid for yourself and these details will not go un-noticed.