Rapid Racer Products


‘Rapid Racer Products’ create simple yet effective and cleanly executed products. Their range of mud guards is especially popular with something to suit every rider and their bike. Used by the ‘MS Mondraker’ team featuring Brook MacDonald the guards are proven at the highest level of racing to give riders the clarity they need in all conditions when it counts.

Pro Guard Bolt-On

The best protection in wet weather riding just got better with this new discreet, bolt on mud guard design. The mud guard you've seen on pro's bikes like Brook MacDonald, Aaron Gwin and more is now available to you! Compatible with Fox forks that have threaded holes on the rear of the arch, Ohlins forks, SR Suntour forks, new Marzocchi forks (with Fox chassis). 

Enduro Guard V4

Foldable plastic mudguards have flooded the market in recent years. However, none so refined as the Rapid Racer Products ‘Enduro Guard V4’. With a simple product it’s the little things that count. The following three features really set them apart from the rest.


  • ‘Seal Guard’, a small plastic extension near the fork seal to protect your fork seals from mud and debris.
  • Optimal fit. The best fit possible is achieved with perforated holes for boost and non-boost fork specific sizing, maximizing tyre clearance.
  • Front extension. An extension past the front fork arch stopping further mud and debris from getting in your eyes.

 Pro Guard

 For those out there who just can’t stand mud ruining a good ride or need the extra protection for a big race this is the guard for you. The seal guard and optimal fit features carry over from the Enduro Guard V4 as well as the following key highlights.

  • Indented fit. The guard is indented around the fork arch to allow for ideal mud clearance in a low profile design.
  • Comprehensive coverage at minimal weight, 119g for the front standard version and 133g for the Max.

Bearing Press and Extraction Tool

If you're a competent home mechanic looking to do your own linkage service this is the tool for you. Change those linkage bearings over quickly and safely with the right tool for the job.

-    Extremely high quality finish and refined design, works smoothly and flawlessly.

-    Just buy the bearing adapter kits individually so you get what you need and don't pay for kits you will never use.