DanJas Imports is proud to be the Australian distributor for RideWrap. We supply Australian dealers with RideWrap Covered and Essential frame protection kits as well as other RideWrap protection accessories. If you're keen to get your hands on RideWrap products, contact your local dealer here.

About RideWrap
RideWrap has fast become a staple brand in the mountain bike and cycling world. Since its launch in Whistler 2016, the company has progressed from a small local outfit to a global brand with multiple product offerings and production in Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and the UK. In the beginning Whistler locals would drop their bikes into RideWrap and leave them for a couple of days to be hand measured and wrapped. It wasn't long before the Co-Founders Callum and Dan decided that they wanted to approach bike protection differently. Their goal was to switch to a product based model, which would provide riders from across the globe access to high quality, comprehensive bike protection. This saw the launch of the Protection Kit lineup in October 2018.

RideWrap Bike protection provides great benefits starting from the aesthetics, right to the functionality and durability of the bike. Bike protection kits are high-quality polyurethane films that are applied to the bike to protect it from scratches, rock chips, and/or scuffs caused by trail debris, rocks, cable rash, heel rub, chain slap and other elements while out on the trails. All RideWrap protection accessories have been designed to give riders leading coverage for their dollar. The kits are made with high-quality, bike-tested RideWrap materials that feature durability, stain resistance, self-healing properties, and a 10 year warranty against cracking and discolouration.

If you would like to know more about RideWrap and their products take a look at their website here.