Mountain bike legend 'Cam Zink' couldn't buy the grips that he wanted so he made his own. Introducing Sensus. After extensive testing, many designs and multiple factories Sensus prevailed with a quality range of Grips. Not only are they extremely comfortable and durable they also provide great vibration damping. Taking the harsh edge off those hits on your local trail so you can ride smoother for longer. Don't be fooled by the relaxed brand image. Used by the world's best riders including Cam ZinkAndreu LacondeguyKyle StraitKade EdwardsCam McCaul and so many more you know these grips are the business. Sensus are expending their product range so stay tuned for the latest and greatest! 

The Grips

Sensus are continuously expanding their grip range with input and design from the best riders in the world. From Cam’s original grip the Swayze, to Andreau Lacondeguy’s super popular DisIsDaBoss and Kyle Strait’s ‘Meaty Paw’ there is a grip to suit everyone. All made with the best rubber available to ensure they feel just right and are suitably durable. For more info on the grips check them out at your local dealer or see details on the Sensus website.


Let’s not kid ourselves, style counts. Sensus also appreciate a bit of style so they have a neat range of accessories to make sure your ride is looking it’s best. From a full range of ODI compatible coloured lock rings to a bike protector that will also keep your beer cold. You’re covered with Sensus.

R.A.D. Trails

In case riding the best product on the market wasn’t enough motivation to run Sensus goods here’s a little bonus. Having pushed the limits of mountain biking from the world cup race track to rampage Cam wants to give back to the sport. Sensus have established a non for profit company, ‘R.A.D Tails’. Designed to make your riding experience better. Riders have the opportunity to submit community trail projects for the R.A.D. Trails team to take on. Building trails that are progressive, fun and safe for all riders to enjoy. How RAD is that?! You can donate or submit your project here.

The Social Details