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We Are One Composites is a Canadian brand that engineer and manufacture mountain bike wheels and components to the highest possible standard in their Canadian, Kamloops facility. They take immense pride in this and the results speak for themselves, a range of market leading products of the highest possible standard in both design and construction. 

We Are One Composites Australia DanJas Imports

The We Are One Difference

Manufacturing products in North America is no easy task when you're going head to head with the manufacturing power of nations like China. Yet, We Are One have struck the right balance, driven by their passion they not only make all their product in house but offer it to riders at a fair price, more affordable than many of their Asian made competition. Manufacturing in Canada isn't just a bragging right, it comes with distinct advantages that make these rims of the highest quality construction on the market with + / - 2g variance per rim. Design superiority and their attention to detail allows We Are One to stand by their product with confidence and offer a lifetime limited warranty. 

The Brand

The team at We Are One consists of passionate, dedicated riders like CEO Dustin Adams, An ex-world cup and NORBA racer, who has shared the podium with the likes of Steve Peat and Fabien Barel. He has a passion and experience for mountain biking few can match and this translates into his great products. We Are One are not setting up to dominate the mountain bike world, rather striving to build the best possible mountain bike parts and offer them at fair prices. Their honest values and rider driven culture makes them a unique and appealing brand. 

Quality made Canadian carbon, tested by the world's fastest racers, fairly priced and it comes with a life time warranty (rims). If you're looking to get on a set of the best carbon mountain bike wheels or one of the lightest handlebar / stem combinations on the market then We Are One Composites are for you. 

We Are One Composites Australia DanJas Imports

DanJas Imports is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of We Are One Composites.