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We Are One Da Package Australia DanJas Imports

We Are One have learnt an enormous amount in producing amazing carbon rims and transferred this knowledge to a unique and super light carbon bar / stem combination. The project was a collaboration with German '77 Designz', pooling some of the most advanced minds in the industry together to make an unbelievable product. A bar / stem combination with great ride feel weighing from 320g that has passed the DH standard test in the German EFBE lab. 

'Da Package' was designed to not only be light but enhance rider comfort. The 33mm diameter bar provides the perfect blend of stiffness and compliance, allowing riders complete control whilst reducing fatigue. 'Da Bar', 'Da Stem' and the 'anti-crimp sleeve' have been designed holistically as a complete setup and must be used together accordingly. 

We Are One Da Package Australia DanJas Imports

A traditional carbon bar / stem combination can put excessive stress on the clamping area of the bar that may lead to failures. We Are One have combated this issue by using their 'anti crimp sleeve'. This not only provides greater surface area for clamping but spreads the clamping force across the sleeve to alleviate high stress points. 

The one piece 'Da Stem' is made from 7075 aluminium in a unique six stage machining process resulting in a ridiculously light weight of just 80g (35mm). This includes titanium hardware with strong rolled threads for durability.

We Are One Da Package Australia DanJas Imports


'Da Bar'

Width: 800mm, cut lines to 740mm

Ride: 20mm

Sweep: 5 degrees up, 8 degrees back

Diameter: 33mm

Material: Carbon fibre 

Weight: Bar 215g, anti-crimp sleeve 12g

'Da Stem'

Length: 35mm, 45mm

Weight: 35mm = 80g, 45mm = 86g

Material: 7075 Aluminium 

Hardware: Titanium

'Da Package'

Weight: 35mm = 320g, 45mm = 338g.

Pricing: RRP $499